Thursday, May 10, 2007

Game 33: Pirates at Cubs

Maholm and Zambrano at 2:20pm.

... curious lineup. Sanchez, Bautista, Bay, Doumit, Nady, LaRoche, Paulino, Wilson, Maholm. Works for me. I like it. Here's hoping they do better than 1-for-18 to start the day off Zambrano.

... Haloscan is down so no comments at the moment. We will switch to comment plan B: smoke signals. I will keep an eye on the sky for your wisecracks.

... Zambrano drilled Freddy on lead elbow. He's on first, not looking too maimed. Bautista followed with a pretty double to right. Kill, Pirates, kill!

... thank you Matt Murton. Pirates 2, Cubs 0, Jason Bay standing on second. Jason Bay is clutch.

... Ryan Doumit, hitting cleanup and sporting some serious eye black, ropes a single into center. First and third for the Nads.

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