Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Annoyingly polite

Gene Collier is pro-beanball.

For the record, and I write this in small print, so to speak: a person or behavior that is polite cannot be annoying. "Annoyingly polite" is a nonsensical oxymoron of the class that includes "tall short" and "heavy light." Non-offensiveness is the essence of polite. So I'm not sure what Collier means. Supercilious? Obsequious? Whatever. It's not my job to put words in his mouth.

This has been the problem with the back half of the rotation. When those guys throw strikes, the other guys hit them--hard.

I'm all for any plan that enlivens the game. But the Pirates should wait until they are ten to fifteen games under .500 before they crack open Bones' all-Wiggy playbook.

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