Friday, March 16, 2007

Honestly Fresh

Once I attained the age of twenty-one years and had my first drop of adult beverages, I was immediately plunged into endless debates about the low quality of Budweiser and other St. Louis beers. If you are going to drink light lagers, I argued, drink local ones or drink cheap ones. Well, I am not here to rehearse the debate, but news that a St. Louis company now presents itself as honoring the great tradition of Rolling Rock strikes my ear a little wrong. It's like the Hatfields promising to take care of the McCoys, or a Houston family promising to rebuild New Orleans.

So the Rolling Rock is dead to me. With that recipe, there's no room for error. And Jersey water plus the loss of ye olde glass-lined Old Latrobe, that's plenty of error. Like a lot of you, I wash my hands of it.

The successor to my summertime lager-loving habits looks worthy: St. Marys, PA's Straub beer advertises itself as "Honestly Fresh." That's a slogan I can applaud. They also claim, legitimately and honestly, it appears, to make the beer "with Pennsylvania Mountain Spring Water." A look at the map suggests they speak true.

So I will be drinking the stuff until the hated St. Louis Cardinals buy Straub Beer and generously, out of the goodness of their heart, honor their great tradition by moving production to Cincinnati, Ohio.

Long live Straub!

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