Saturday, March 10, 2007

Good news in camp

Surfing the Post-Gazette coverage this morning, I see good news.

Shane Youman makes good red beans and rice. This is a staple around here. And it's also great that Youman has been pitching well. The team cannot have too many starting pitchers.

In the notebook we see that Wilson is working on his OBP, Eldred is working out in the outfield, Duke has command, Paulino showed some power, and Kuwata throws a bit faster than advertised.

There's also a long piece by Dejan Kovacevic on Eldred's rising stock. If he makes the team, there will be plenty of at-bats for him. It's not likely that LaRoche could play every inning of every game. This is no disrespect to LaRoche. Very few players manage 650 PA in a season. Until a player does that, I do not expect that. If he gets 500-600 PA, that still leaves 150-250 PA of first-base time for another player to take.

Eldred's competition, obviously, is LaRoche. Less obviously, I think his competition is Ryan Doumit. And Jose Hernandez.

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