Thursday, March 08, 2007

Gerut cut, Eldred to try OF

... the Post-Gazette reports. Still unable to run, Gerut gets 1/6th of his $850K to slowly limp away. If I did the math right, that means the Bucs paid Gerut $1,016,670 for 18 ABs, or about $56,000 per AB. In those 18 ABs, Gerut hit 3 singles and one 2B, so that'd be ~$203,000 per base. In hindsight, obviously not one of DL's better moves. Anyway, we wish Jody and his knee the best of luck. Watching Eldred lumber around the OF should be interesting.

...(12:30 AM): Dejan gets the math right:

Counting the $1.12 million the Pirates picked up of Lawton's salary in the trade, they spent a total of $2,255,493 on Gerut.
So $125K an AB, $564K a base.

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