Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Roster set, Cota still on it

In case you missed it, the Bucs filled out their 40-man roster Monday night, adding OF Nyjer Morgan, LHP Dave Davidson, and RHP Romulo Sanchez, while dropping C Carlos Maldonado.

Confusion abounds throughout the blogosphere as to whether DL really f-ed up again, mistakenly thinking Wardell Starling and Jesse Chavez would not have to be protected. Initially, Ed Eagle's story listed Starling and Chavez along with Bixler as those who, under the new CBA, don't have to be protected. Quickly (and after WTM at OnlyBucs.Net questioned that detail) an edit appeared, deleting Starling and Chavez's names. Perhaps DL intentionally left Starling and Chavez off, preferring prospects Yurendell de Caster and Marty McLeary. I have no idea. I'll admit my reaction to this story was "what? Cota is still on this team?"

The Rule 5 draft is December 7th.

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