Wednesday, November 22, 2006

All hail Lonely Cousin!

For the 10-5 week 11 HW NFL pick 'em pool victory, and a remarkable year so far. LC laughed off the improbable week 5 blanking and has clawed his way back into the running for the Grand Prize. Azibuck gets an honorable mention mini-hail for the 10-6. If your cup is still full, go ahead and hail us, too, for my week 9 (first-of-the-year) swoop* and for Rowdy's week 10 win (which he already crowed about). We're still under .500 though, so just have a tiny sip.

[*swoop: (n) a victory of 2 games or more in an NFL pick 'em pool contest; (v) to win via swoop]

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