Friday, October 06, 2006

Dejan season-ending chat

Dejan has long last chat. On who does what in the front office:

"Littlefield decides what to do with the money allotted to him. The major-league payroll and development money -- not the same thing, necessarily -- are placed in his hands. Thus, if you have a complaint -- as so many do -- about why so much more of it goes toward one-year rentals rather than building up a sound developmental system, this is where to aim it."
So DL really has the decision over how much to invest in development? If so, this sounds like an inherently flawed system. Why should DL care to develop the Bucs beyond 2008, the year he will almost certainly be fired?

One of my favorite Bucs, Bob Walk, on the second half:

"As far as the winning now, I don't really think it means anything. I'm not convinced that finishing strong means anything. We can find examples, sure. The '87 team is one of them. But for every one we find, I can show you a team that did that, then did nothing the next year. Next year is next year. I don't think this will help us next season."
Daily chats begin Nov. 27th. All hail DK!

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