Thursday, July 20, 2006

Game 97: Pirates at Marlins

67% humidity right now on Dan Marino Blvd. Ian Snell and rookie winner Josh Johnson in an hour.

... This is half a day old, but something to talk about:


Art Pontarelli, of the Colorado Rockies was scouting the Jays last night. The Jays and Rockies have been talking about first baseman Ryan Shealy, a DH-type slugger, since before the break. Colorado turned down an offer for lefty reliever Scott Schoeneweis this week.

The Rockies are looking for young players like pitcher Brandon League.

That's Mike Rutsey and Bob Elliott for the Toronto Sun. Scott Schoeneweis!

With so many trades to make, DL has to start somewhere. If all the Rockies want is one young left-handed pitcher, and a reliever will do, they should make their choice, the two teams close the deal, and the Pirates move on and build around that deal.

Seriously, if the spastic Mike Gonzalez could play first base and could outslug our other options, who wouldn't be all about converting him to that position?

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