Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Casey wants to stay; Shealy might play

John Perrotto writes about Casey's answer to the stay-or-go question. He did the same thing yesterday for Jack Wilson.

I understand why a reporter would ask such a question, but I don't see how it's news when they answer the question this way. It would only be news if the player put his foot in his mouth. And said something that made his agent smack a horrible slice from the fourth tee.

Perrotto also notes, in agreement with nearly all published reports, that the Pirates have yet to approach Casey about an extension.

The Rockies, who are in Pittsburgh, on a losing streak, and in some pretty desperate need of a shot of adrenaline, recalled first-base prospect Ryan Shealy last night. The Pirates should take a long look at this guy. Asked about this roster move, Hurdle said perhaps he'd give Helton a night off.

Here's to hoping Shealy gets an audition tonight. Do it, Clint, do it.

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