Thursday, July 27, 2006

DL just sits there

No trades or even new trade rumors today. All quiet on the How-Will-the-Pirates-Stop-Sucking? front. Legos aside, lots of other Pirates-related bloggy goodness today. Charlie links to a Beyond the Box Score new defensive metric that finds Jose Castillo to be the worst defensive 2B in all of baseball. Deadspin reports on Van Slyke's inflammatory comments on Ozzie Guillen and Hillary Clinton. Billy has some nice commentary on how the Royals and new GM Dayton Moore are trading circles around complacent loser DL.

In the news, and continuing with the Royals-Pirates comparison, USA TODAY has a long, painful piece about the Bucs and Royals, beginning with Sean Casey running into the bathroom stall after Bream was incorrectly called safe by the temporarily blinded Randy Marsh, despite the fact that Spanky blocked Bream's leading leg and clearly tagged Bream's lead-filled ass out long before Bream's lead-filled trailing leg came anywhere near the plate. Sigh. We are so over that. Anyway, in other Pirates news, Matt Wein of comments on how the ownership and front office are "re-defining futility and slowly but surely killing baseball in Pittsburgh".

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