Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Game 37: Braves at Pirates

The PBC trounced Oliver Perez and the hapless 9-28 Atlanta Braves today, 8-5.

Bucs are now 27-9 and in first place.


  1. Iowa Pirate8:44 PM

    It was nice of you to take a break from the blog while I was away tending to the needs of my wife and her family. Pour some out for William Charles Goodwin my father in law. He loved trains and served his country.

  2. Iowa Pirate9:00 PM

    9-0 turns into 9-5, NBD.

  3. IP I'm raising a glass to WCG. Good to see you guys back. Here's to more Atlantas on the schedule and more brawls on the field. Can you hear me Maddon?

  4. Iowa Pirate10:07 PM

    9-0 turns into 11-9, NBD. Grill Cheese, please.

  5. Bones1:57 AM

    RIP WCG, raising my glass.