Sunday, September 27, 2015

Game 156: Pirates at Cubs

Sunday night baseball. Mad bunter A.J. Burnett vs. Arrieta at 8.

Pirates going for ninth straight W.


  1. The Brewed Crew hung a 7-spot on The Accountant in the top of the ninth in Stinktown. Now is our chance to gain a valuable game. Proceed Pirates, with charged aplomb and vigorous candor to unsettle your blue-hewn hosts yet again this time with nocturnal triumph in front of a national cable television audience.

  2. Bones7:53 PM

    Entertained by the Redbirds' soiled mattress. My five year old was confused by regular screaming outbursts during epic Uno tourney where I let him win after teary four straight skip-your-turns. The Cards' ninth inning meltdown was even more pathetic than the Cubs spraying each with other bubbly after getting shut out and humiliated at home. Arrieta voodoo doll ready for massive pin attack. Trader Joe checker/A's fan aboard Bucs' bandwagon and rooting for Bucs, told me how he was devastated when Clemente died and how local boy from Alameda Stargell was a real class act.

  3. Bones9:03 PM

    Hurdle needs to send Snider out to Nancy Kerrigan this guy already.

  4. Iowa Pirate11:21 PM

    That Areola guy is a decent pitcher. Was in St. Loseris today to watch the Stillers, fans travel well. Didn't get word of the Cardinals meltdown until later, entertaining. Big Ben going down not entertaining. Big upside down U shaped sculpture here, I guess it's a big deal, not getting it.