Sunday, September 06, 2015

Game 135: Pirates at Cardinals

Cole and Lackey underway, scoreless in the second. The Bucs are 6.5 games back and really need a win, or at least a well-placed BUNT, tonight.


  1. Watched game on the town tonight. Abandoned Mexican restaurant, disinterested Yuppie bar then trendy bistro where I almost had to fight US Open tennis geeks to get the game put on for the 8th and 9th inning efficiencies. Never seen a tennis turnout like that. Must be the holiday weekend. I finally told Thurston Howell III to just shut up and pay the property taxes on his third home while the barkeeps (long ago in my corner) switched it to the onslaught in St. Louis.!!!

  2. Iowa Pirate12:00 PM

    Well played.