Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Game 65: Pirates at White Sox

Locke and Danks tonight, as the Bucs look to extend the Immaculate Deception.


  1. I always liked Mark Parent. Glad he's getting a chance to run the Black Sox for a night.

  2. Travis10:51 PM

    So this is what it is like being a Cardinals fan, monotonous win after monotonous win.

    Minus the monotonous continuous hacking programming.

  3. Iowa Pirate11:19 AM

    Either the Sox suck for Jeff Locke is a good pitcher. Chairman's early blast was timely as I was with a Sox fan who is fond of Asian culture. My Goddaughter, who is a Sox fan via my brother had to take a L in her first big league game. We showed her how to load up on beer at last call so you can make it through the 9th, life skills.