Friday, May 22, 2015

Game 41: Mets at Pirates

Cole and Pendergrass, tonight at 7.


  1. Iowa Pirate11:52 PM

    Do we have a name for Cole? Well, he f'n kicked some Metropolitan ass tonight. I feel a run.

  2. The a-hole Mets radio announcer kept calling it "the 6th Street bridge." Jeez ass have you been living in a cave you freakin' nerd? (Mets fans are nerds, by the way, believe me I have endured every single one of them through the years). It is the CLEMENTE BRIDGE you dork! I rode into their city listening to Cole vanquish his foes valiantly and I spit upon the army of joggers that is now New York City. Goth bartender at Quinn's in Hell's Kitchen is from Aliquippa and enjoyed the win. Her friend will be at game tomorrow. NOTHING IS BETTER THAN BEATING THE METS!

  3. PS...I will walk about NYC during Saturday's tilt armed with my transistor radio. The
    "7-Line Army" dorkfest Mets road supporters group is descending on the 'Burgh today. Distract them with Star Wars placemats and D&D dice.