Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Game 8: Tigers at Pirates

Burnett and Greene, starting soon.

Rajai Davis is leading off for the hapless Tigers.


  1. Bones8:37 PM

    Turns out SCPITFORP (Shaving Cream Pies In The Face Over Replacement Player) is inversely correlated with run support.

  2. You need more charts to back up your statement. If I was Miguel Cabrera, I'd put down my vodka bottle and slap that slide rule right out of your hand.

  3. Travis10:51 PM

    If only Matt Morri$ were to start tomorrow for the Tigers to complete the former Pirate trade circle it would be most entertaining.

  4. Iowa Pirate12:08 AM

    Was in the minors tonight, Josh Bonifay is skipper for Houston's low A team here. Always thought he'd get a shot to play in the Burgh. STFD in effect but offense needed to HTFB.