Sunday, October 12, 2014

NLCS Game 2: Pirates at Cardinals

Pirates look to extend their series lead to 2-0 after last night's commanding win. By hitting for the cycle, driving in seven, and turning that unassisted triple play in the second, Jay Hay may have played the greatest game in NLCS history. None of this matters without the series win, of course.

Cole and Lynn starting. Rob Mackowiak has re-joined the team and will be available as a pinch hitter.


  1. Of course Mack-o-Wack jacks the granny in the 20th to win it. We knew that would happen. But for him to then rush into the crowd to deliver his second through fourth triplet sons as his wife spontaneously went into delivery? And then to return, covered in blood, to close out the 20th in relief with nothing but eephuses? Couldn't make up a crazier finish, wow.

    What do they put in this beer?

  2. Rowdy2:31 PM

    Some kind of mushroom.