Friday, August 22, 2014

Game 128: Pirates at Brewers

Gallardo and Locke starting soon. This game will be featured heavily on the 2014 PBC World Champions DVD as one of the turning points to the pennant. Already untucked.


  1. Iowa Pirate8:45 PM

    Ryan Braun tries to impress his bestie Aaron Rogers.

  2. Iowa Pirate8:48 PM

    Grass assault fail.

  3. Iowa Pirate8:48 PM

    Jay Hay All Day!

  4. Travis9:53 PM

    Whoa, less smoke emanating from the Beer Fort after the Outfield Wall Assault counterattack and repairs.

    Jay Hay needs to untuck less on the basepaths, but at least he can reach the basepaths with regularity.

  5. Iowa Pirate11:07 PM

    Headed to Miller Park tomorrow, left field bleacher.

  6. Iowa Pirate12:36 AM

    Going with the Kent Tekulve jersey. Watching Prison Baller bat, maybe being close to Alcatraz motivates him.

  7. Losing streak sent me to England in search of warmer Beer Fort sheetrock. Headed to The Den for Millwall soccer match. Wish I had Phil Garner jersey. Glad we pooped on the Brewers.