Sunday, July 13, 2014

Game 94: Pirates at Reds

Frankie starting after returning from the DL. Cueto on for the Reds.

Game underway. Pirates down 3-1.


  1. Rain causing a bad hair day for the Queen City starter. Jordy has gleefully cursed the soil along the Ohio. Ham n' egger hits homer for Cincy? Sheesh over here.

  2. Iowa Pirate5:16 PM

    Jaff Decker, swings, Jaff Decker misses. Consistent

  3. Iowa Pirate5:18 PM

    A perfect shuolda, coulda road trip, not entertained.

  4. Nice try "Anonymous" Mrs. Nutting. is a much better site. NL Central rat race to be continued next half on the Bizarro front. Botched suicide squeeze was Shakespearean Russell at his best, so much so the slings and arrows of the delayed steal of third would slay him in the next inning. Maybe C. Hurdle can borrow Bo Jackson's robotic hip?