Sunday, July 06, 2014

Game 88: Phillies at Pirates

AJFB returns to face Locke. Game on.


  1. Daydro airmail throw in first just setting them up for his monster day at the plate.

  2. Iowa Pirate7:14 PM

    STFD was entertained by the welcome from the Yinzers. I'm sure the Brotherly love boys give him the same respect. J-Hay should get an all star nod and play every position.

  3. Travis10:35 PM

    I wish NH would make Daydro become Traydro, but I doubt it.

  4. Iowa Pirate12:39 AM

    Iowa kid in the All Star game, nice. I got home from a fairly good night of cheer and Human Cock Fighting was on Root. Like a train wreck can't turn away. These guys make Tyson look like a librarian.

  5. Iowa Pirate12:41 AM

    Packing the bag for St. Louis tomorrow. Ground Chuck vs Wainwright. Going with the Freddie Sanchez jersey.