Monday, July 28, 2014

Game 105: Pirates at Giants

The Vanimal takes on Bumgarner in a likely NLCS Game 4 preview. Morel starting at third as Pedro practices throwing at widest side of Beer Fort barn.


  1. Travis10:13 PM

    Paydro hopefully doesn't take out another teammate in a Friendly Fire incident soon.

    Wondering when NH will pull the trigger on a trade and open the pod bay doors.

  2. Dolly Madison had some trouble in the first inning.

  3. Iowa Pirate11:32 PM

    Last day of detasseling tomorrow! F'n A!!! Entertained by the Buccs first inning. Jay Hay all Day as they Say. 100% chance of getting hammered tomorrow. Tell me why my car is in the front yard...

  4. Iowa Pirate6:19 AM

    Complete Game, For What!? The corn is calling.