Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Game 100: Dodgers at Pirates

Frankie and Haren tonight in a likely NLCS preview.


  1. Iowa Pirate7:40 PM

    4 run first, NBD.

  2. Bickle has been remotivated and holding his fist over the open flame of his gas burner in his one-bedroom walk-up in Swissvale.

  3. Travis10:33 PM

    Pitching MerryGoRound well light and spinning quickly atop the Beer Fort parapet.

    The BickleGUN and JHay lead another artillery barrage assault.

    Hopefully, the fundamentals of station to station baseball and the IGA game are not forgotten. In the NLCS, the IGA may be key.

  4. True. Seems like JHay, Bickle, and the PBC have forgotten how to advance a runner 90 feet to the next station. Hopefully our new RF Martinez can step up his BUNT game.

  5. Iowa Pirate11:21 PM

    @UIBaseball: Iowa native and former MLB player Jeff Clement has joined the #Hawkeyes coaching staff.