Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Game 71: Reds at Pirates

Volquez and Simon tonight at seven.

Yesterday GFP tied Roberto Clemente's franchise record career-starting seven game hitting streak. He'll try to break that record tonight.


  1. Volquez letting his bling get in the way of his tilted hat. Not entertained. Game unattractive in its penchant for wild pitches and throws to wrong bases and schlumpy guys with two first names wearing the road grays.

  2. The overturned force at home (with no challenge from the Reds) making it 6-0 Cincinnati makes me Joey Votto Depressed. Clearly, the Bedwetters have taken over this game just because poster boy Buster Posey lost his blankey back in the day, the rest of the real catchers in baseball will pay with this type of BS.

  3. Iowa Pirate11:51 PM

    I thought we had a shot at the end there. Oh well, umps were good can't ask for much more at home.

  4. Watched this one - hardly anything entertaining about this game until the high winds and downpour.

  5. Travis8:58 AM

    Bickle on the mound and his strikeout of Votto was a sliver of entertainment.