Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Game 58: Pirates at Padres

The Pirates have been winning some games on the west coast lately.

They look to keep rolling with Cole. The Padres counter with Hahn.

Game on at 10pm our time.


  1. The Cole Hahn matchup is all about the shoes. http://www.colehaan.com/

  2. Travis11:44 PM

    The PBC showed no mercy against the young rookie pitcher.

    Obviously, he needs to stay in the minors for a few more years and work on his offspeed pitches and command. You can't rush talent to the Big Leagues...you need a minimum number of starts or plate appearances in AAA...you need to fail in the minors and work yourself out of it...Can I get a Hoka Hey?

  3. Bones1:00 AM

    I bet Hahn couldn't even lift a telephone pole, let alone run with it. Missed the game, but entertained by win and boxscore. NFW starting MVP push.