Monday, May 26, 2014

Game 49: Pirates at Mets

Ike returns to New York.

Cumpton and deGrom at one.


  1. It is "Let's See How Many Runners We Can Strand in Queens" Day today, in honor of the USS Indianapolis and the stranded sailors who were devoured by sharks.

  2. 1. Can't retire the opposing pitcher at the plate.
    2. Can't throw out said hippie as he tries to score on a single to right.
    3. Russell's leg was apparently in grave danger in front of home plate so much so that Buster Posey became anxious and needed his binky...
    4. Trio of errors, baker's half-dozen stranded on the bags. Typical Queens performance so far.

  3. Iowa Pirate3:58 PM

    Gym Bag sighting.

  4. Travis4:05 PM

    The PBC has not yet begun to fight on this day...

  5. Travis4:46 PM

    Gym Bag Assault complete.