Friday, May 09, 2014

Game 35: Cardinals at Pirates

Wacha and Liriano tonight at seven in a likely NLCS preview. Meanwhile, the Steelers will try to draft a Punter in rounds two and/or three.


  1. Isaac Davis clutch GR double continues to wound nerdy Mets fans who sometimes surround me like "Children of the Corn" kids with RC Cola souvenir tote bags. Ike is he who walks between the rows!

  2. Iowa Pirate11:32 PM

    Malachai waiting for the rain.

  3. Bones2:16 AM

    Made the right decision of watching this glorious win. Entertained by NFW's long towering drive and Tabunta's solid game and effort.

  4. Iowa Pirate11:08 AM

    Clint was accused of "over-bunting" on Bucco Talk this morning, blasphemers!