Saturday, May 03, 2014

Game 30: Blue Jays at Pirates

Liriano and Dickey scoreless and buntless in the second.


  1. Iowa Pirate10:29 PM

    They had them all the way. Hats off.

  2. Walker is the rill dill. Dan Potash? Only caught the ninth inning, saw online update that said Jordy Mercer had a big hit. Torch-carrying mobs can be motivators. The Ike Davis crawl to first for the final aut was worthy of Milla in the Resident Evil movies. Fitting end, apparently.

  3. Travis11:04 PM

    Without 3 Blown Saves by rubber arm, things wouldn't be near as bad as they are.

    Will big hole climbing result in another fall, or scratching and clawing up to level ground at .500 to enable Beer Fort construction again?