Thursday, April 10, 2014

Game 9: Pirates at Cubs

The hapless Cubs have resorted to day games in an attempt to win.

So far this devious plan is working. The Cubs are up 4-0 in the sixth.


  1. Travis4:52 PM

    Ishikawa must have brought magical healing powers to the leveling of the swing of Bickle.

    Paydro again infected with Stargell ectoplasm injection. Maybe stray ectoplasm splashed on Bickle.

    Hitting HRs is easy

  2. Travis5:12 PM

    Elementary my dear Watson, please come in and tell everyone to STFD as always.

  3. Travis5:31 PM

    Grilli is sadly headed for a career implosion soon.

  4. Iowa Pirate5:41 PM

    Grilli save, NBD.

  5. Magnificent long TOW-ER-ING DRIVES from Bickle and Petey. Always entertained by the dingers.

  6. Pedro looks super impressive right now like 1,000 Ed Spragues. He should go to Horace Mann High School and then Vanderbilt...oh wait, he did that already. I don't think his dad is driving a car service anymore in Washington Heights. Effortless Towering Drives. I ask my daughter: "What is Pedro's address?" And she says to me she says: "24 Towering Drive." Stat guys should check to see if he especially tortures pitchers with long hair/mullets etc as this Russell reliever for the Cubs is no Jerry DiPoto...