Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Game 158: Pirates at Cubs

Rusin and Cole tonight at eight. Bucs are two games back with five games left.

Untucked and still not wearing goggles deep in the Beer Fort, we're sharpening more weapons.


  1. Rowdy7:02 PM

    Good supply of various stouts on hand here. Looking forward to watching Cole cut down some Cubs.

  2. Cole laid off the hooch last night and has honed his death stare. Bring him his jacket! No, not that one, the one with the rbis in it! Navarro needs act of God clause to do the circuit as he must carry that Steinway all the way around the bases.

  3. Travis8:50 PM

    This team has many weapons to brandish against Lefties.

  4. Garret Jones picking up local buses and gently putting them down because he might have relatives aboard. Respect. Pie scores as his proxy. Cutch about to heat up in time for Ohio River Great American Insurance Scam Ballpark Invasion. I bribed the Mets this evening. Taxi shift tomorrow day so will have to follow action via ancient cel phone and updates from Lil' Vrusho daughter who witnessed Marlon Byrd's debut at PNC. She has six different pronunciations for Barmes which is kind of funny.

  5. Iowa Pirate11:38 PM

    Vic F'n Black!