Friday, September 13, 2013

Game 147: Cubs at Pirates

Charlie Morton and Jake Arrieta tonight at seven as the hapless Cubs try again to go about bunting the right way. The Pirates are tied for first place with 16 games left.


  1. Rowdy4:00 PM

    Beer fort ready ... well stocked with ST 2XIPA and DFH Punkin.

  2. Travis4:45 PM

    The Cubs are ripe for being lured into another entertaining ego driven BUNTing contest trap again.

    I hope Chuck doesn't hurt his foot in a strong out of nowhere wind gust tonight.

  3. appropriate thing to do after back to back to back HR is a drag bunt..c'mon Clint!

  4. Travis8:53 PM

    Space Cadata returns to the basepaths from hibernation to get plunked off first.

    In an unrelated related note, it is a small sample size, but Nate 2.0 has an OPS of 850 since joining the Twins without worrying about getting benched for going 1 game without a hit.

    1. Bones1:41 AM

      Looked like a terrible call to me, Space Cadata clearly back in time.

  5. Rowdy9:28 PM

    Entertained by the return of Grilli.

  6. Rowdy9:34 PM

    No longer entertained. Angry now.

  7. Hershey Park rollercoasters. Reboot. Chance to gain ground on teams with red colors gnashing at our heels. Farnsworth upside continues on tat front, upsetting types. Too bad Grilli can't rehab with the Charleston Charlies or somesuch. Watt Powell Park was a fine facility for that type of thing.

  8. Meanwhile Oliver Perez on in relief to face the hated redbirds.

  9. Ollie walks the bases loaded. Nobody up in the Seattle pen.

  10. Passed ball gives the Cards the game. Same. Old. Ollie.

  11. Sheesh over here haunted laundry cart. Robinzon Diaz would have blocked that one.

  12. Bones1:33 AM

    Seriously. I think I just broke my foot after delivering an angry Farnsy-style roundhouse kick to said haunted laundry cart. Wedge should have pulled Ollie after he walked the bases loaded. It must be hard to be a fan of the hapless Mariners, who don't seem Committed to WINNING.