Saturday, August 31, 2013

Game 135: Cardinals at Pirates

We all know this story. Down-on-their-luck small-market team cannot afford to keep its talent. For meager compensation, they trade away their best players to perennial contenders. The poor get poorer, and the rich get richer. The losers keep on losing, and the winners keep on winning. It's a cruel world.

Welcome, Justin Morneau.

The beatings continue with Lynn and Burnett at seven.


  1. Travis6:09 PM

    NH opens the pod bay doors for one fal maneuver.

    Glad to see Nate 2.0 freed and the PBC gets better now yet again.

    Glad to see Maybehasabata Space Cadet's home will soon be on the bench when Marte gets back.

  2. Travis8:56 PM

    Glad to see Hasabata has landed from orbit tonight and is in the game both offensively and defensively both for once.

  3. Watching the replay - Hasabataandaglovea had a nice night in LF. Russell MartiniTime going about his business in the right way.

    Also glad to see Nate 2.0 get another chance somewhere else. Doubt he'll go all McLouth in the AL, but definitely sounds reasonable for Morneau, who can teach the kids how to uncork a shook up champagne bottle without losing an eye.

    1. Anonymous12:28 AM


      Iowa Pirate

  4. Anonymous12:27 AM

    Hawkeyes get beat at home by Northern Illinois, Pirates roll the Cardinals. Eb and Flo, and beer.

    Iowa Pirate

  5. Justin Morneau has 0 career bunts. If the Bucs had him secretly practice, that detail could add a large element of surprise for World Series tactics. Morneau's top comp is Adam LaRoche.