Sunday, August 18, 2013

Game 123: Diamondbacks at Pirates

Spent much of last night grinding up old Jose Mesa scorecards, stuffing them into one of the beer fort cannons, and firing them off in the general direction of the river. Beer fort smells like gunpowder but this is more cleansing than burnt sage.

Pirates are second in the league for hitting southpaws. Pedro's not much help here so we'll be looking for Gaby to provide some power.

Miley and Morton soon enough.


  1. Miley pranked

  2. Turner Ward sighting as assistant hitting coach for D-backs. Turner and Goldschmidt graduating from Phoenix College together excuse to show Turner running through wall highlight three times.

  3. Anonymous2:20 PM

    My guy Kirk Ferentz would enjoy the beer fort. @SusanDenk: For Love of the Game: Kirk Ferentz's affection for baseball. #hawkeyes

    Iowa Pirate

  4. Travis2:30 PM

    Hoping the bullpen bandaid callup really is for that, and not making Maybehasabata's long term contract the prime directive of this team in RF above WINning.

  5. Travis3:29 PM

    Maybehasabata still engages space cadet mode occasionally.

  6. Clemente's birthday - if Neil can get on base, KJ can bunt him home. And so began the Kris Johnson Era.

  7. Rowdy5:55 PM

    Getting ready to break the wall down, Kool-Aid Man style, if the Pirates can't plate another run soon.

  8. Rowdy5:57 PM

    I'll bust in with two pitchers of beer.

  9. Bones6:06 PM

    Break it down, Rowdy - we need a rally inspiration here.

  10. Bones6:18 PM

    That sucked.

  11. Bones6:23 PM

    Crosses "Watch Pedro strike out 100 times" off his daily list of things to do.

  12. Bones6:26 PM

    Good Kris Johnson story, pretty unlikely situation to be forced to bat in the bottom of the 16th with tying runs on base. He should have bunted again. Hopefully he'll be back on the Indy bus tonight so Lambo can be freed again. Can't have this short a bench right now.

  13. Travis9:14 PM

    I believe there is a minimum number of days AAA players must wait to be recalled to the MLB Roster after being sent down unless there is an injury.

    So Lambo will only be able to contribute Covertly to the PBC for awhile again.

  14. Travis9:26 PM

    Besides, the PBC is blessed with a great lineup of hitters right now top to bottom, why would they need somebody with power in the lineup going forward????