Thursday, August 15, 2013

Game 120: Pirates at Cardinals

Burnett and Lynn at 1:45pm.

Pirate infield should benefit, defensively, by the daylight. Over/under on first-inning errors behind A.J. adjusted downward to 1/2.

Holliday has painted his segway green and hopes to patrol the outfield on it, inconspicuously.


  1. Travis11:02 AM

    Maybe Lambo can give Paydro his night vision goggles to help Paydro's RISP success rate and HR ability at night.

  2. Who wins the Segway race of Holliday vs. Jody Gerut and His Knee Brace?

    Today Pedro will disarm Matheny of his Bunting Knife and then Lambo will rescue a RISP hostage. Bucs win 1-0.

  3. Travis3:02 PM

    Lambo with his first Overt RISP hostage rescue completed.

    Lambo follows with a Covert Barmes HR inspiration operation.

  4. Iowa Pirate4:17 PM

    Not a fan of the contact play. Are they number that say this is a good play?

  5. Travis4:27 PM

    Glad Hurdle is still suffering from Stockholm Syndrome with the BUNTing runners from 2nd to 3rd play.

    Apparently Hurdle is very sympathetic to the opposing team's pitchers and not to the PBC RISP hostages always left on base.

    It makes me physically ill to watch it transpire again and again and again.

    Kaydro chokes on a LOOGy again with RISP hostages left on base again.

  6. Iowa Pirate4:35 PM


  7. Travis4:42 PM

    Another French Rifle clutch volley over the fence again and again.

    I tell him please don't try to steal anymore bases, if your rifle is silenced, this team is overrun and toast.

  8. Travis4:52 PM

    The below excerpt is from:

    The run expectancy of a runner on first base with none out is approximately 0.86 runs. The expected number of runs with a runner on second base and one out is 0.68 runs.

    So by bunting, you've reduced your run expectancy by 0.18 runs.

    It's the same for bunting runners from 1st and 2nd over to 2nd and 3rd: you've reduced your run expectancy from 1.47 to 1.36, again reducing your expectancy by 0.11 runs.

    In other words, bunting actually slightly hurts your chances of scoring runs.

    1. Iowa Pirate7:01 PM

      Don't you blasphem up in here!

  9. I know Hurdle wanted to outBUNT Matheny, but runner on second, none out, top of the 7th, down by one. When I was about five Rowdy taught me to play for the tie if you're home but PLAY FOR THE WIN IF YOU'RE ON THE ROAD. Giving away one of your last nine outs to try to tie the game on the road against this good a team is crazy. Missed the game, so maybe this was Marte's stupid idea not Hurdle's, but jeez already over here. Nice job by Lambata today at least for once.

  10. And one more thing ... why does AJ hate WINning? Is he afraid everyone's going to shaving cream pie his eye out?