Thursday, August 01, 2013

Game 108: Cardinals at Pirates

Morton and Kelly tonight as the best team in baseball attempts the first five-game sweep of the Cardinals since 1916. Beer Fort Pentagon Hovercraft SpacePirateShip propelled by Stargell's ectoplasm and Cumpton's seamen moves in for the kill. Check all stoplights on the Northshore for a sleeping Matheny at the wheel.


  1. Travis2:16 PM

    As constructed, this team WILL WIN.

  2. Nice gesture by the PBC to let them score some runs today. They don't want to run away with it, and deprive the fans of a little suspense.

  3. Thank God for the taxi nightshift. Bought part of Errol Flynn's bathtub from fellow driver. Matt Holliday's jawbones are in the Biogenesis File cabinet, he said. Drove Oregon Ducks fans, Indian dudes from the curry house, Italian betties crashing at an Astor mansion, four Russian opera singers screaming at each other and me, and a hedge fund dude who lives off the Ashokan Reservoir. Next thing I know, it is 13-0. Bring on Clint's old purple charges and get Helton some Geritol for chrissakes.