Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Game 51: Pirates at Reds

After a rare loss, the Pirates return to the Kentucky border at seven. Morton and Latos will start.


  1. Travis1:14 PM

    Maybe Bronko Zagurski needs to be called up again to "Hunt Reds" all Doc Ellis style.

    Too bad Chapman will never hold a bat in his hand at the plate.

  2. Anonymous6:06 PM

    I say they throw at Dusty in the dugout, that should get those screwheads pissed. Where is John Cangelosi when you need him.

    Iowa Pirate

  3. Travis8:10 PM

    Chuck Morton is my new hero for making Shin Soo Souey to start the game with a plunk.

    Then providing Votto an up close look at a baseball thereafter.

  4. Rumor is Demented Dusty was looking for his Dodgers uniform before the game. Wants to know if Garvey made up with that other guy. Xavier Paul lost on Pedro looong single. UC fans hate Xavier.

  5. Latos: "It's time somebody stepped up and did something about the team that's hit more guys in the league than anybody," he said of the Pirates, who lead the majors with 39 hit batters. "You've got a team drilling guys over and over again. It's time for the league to step up and end it. That fired me up."

    I like the drill Dusty in the dugout idea. Drill, baby, drill?