Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Game 38: Tigers at Pirates

A.J. Burnett and Anibal Sanchez tonight at seven. Bringing the series back to PNC negates the Designated Bunter advantage, but the white-hot PBC needs no such crutch.

The Beer-Fort-on-Wheels slowly started speeding up last week, but now it's hard not to notice the rapidly increasing speed. Might be best to just hold on tight for now, even if untucked.


  1. I stayed up all night, I'll be ready for this at seven.

  2. Question: How many first pitch fastball strikes down the middle is Marte going to take this year?
    (Not allowed to ask that type of thing on

    1. Darn good question. The answer is a lot. Another player who used to do that, and it drove my father nuts, was none other than Roberto.

  3. Travis9:21 PM

    Hurdle jumps up from the dugout after the suicide squeeze by Mercer and yells,

    "Am I not Merciful?! AM I NOT MERCIFUL??!!!"

  4. If Mercer gets a little more wood on that, Snider could have went all Wiggy on Avila. Would have also been entertained by that.

  5. Anonymous12:07 AM

    Last day of school drunk. Clean.

    Iowa Pirate

  6. Like my conscience.