Sunday, March 31, 2013

2013 HW Readers Poll

It's that time of year again.

1. How many wins?
2. How many bunts?
3. 2013 Whipping Boy?
4. Other predictions?

I'll start: 81, 81, Jonathan Sanchez. Travis Snider fractures skull in freak bunting incident, Jose Tabata converted to reliever, John McDonald starting at 1B and batting fourth by June, Wandy wins 17, and Iron Balls is World Series MVP and stands in the lead limo during the World Series parade.


  1. Anonymous11:50 PM

    82 wins
    101 bunts
    Travis Snider WB unless somehow Jeff Clement returns
    Cole gets a text from Connelly 2 innings into J-Macs first start. Walker hits 20 dingers. Wandy leads staff in wins and complete games. Paydro goes off. New ticket kiosks mistakenly prints World Series tickets on Pup Night.

    Iowa Pirate

  2. 1) 86 ..its time
    2) 162 ..for consistency
    3) Rowdy
    4) Snider has a 3 hr game, but little PNC crowd record on Andy Laroche bobblehead..biggest surprise, Gaby or Tabata..biggest let down, Pedro

  3. 1) 77 wins (inter-league play + tougher division - Astros)
    2) 99 bunts (always a dollar short)
    3) Martin ("Move on bro'")
    4) Marketing runs out of ideas for bobble heads. Connelly axed after trading for A-Rod. Pedro hits one into the river sometime in May.

    I think we got a little better, but the division will be more competitive.


    1. Iowa Pirate11:46 AM

      I like the River Ball Call!

  4. Travis2:33 PM

    77 Wins as the loss of the Astros will be tough to makeup.

    Even 1 successful BUNTing attempt can change the course of the game or a season and result in a signficant self-injury. But knowing Hurdle and his massive reliance on this key strategic decision, sadly 40 BUNTS.

    Travis Snider is an easy whipping boy as he would have more luck making contact closing his eyes.

    I would hope to predict that Alex Presley is traded so not to worry about hitting leadoff and taking strikes, so he can further solidify the fact that NH et al have no clue how to evaluate MLB hitters.

    Finally, Karstens injures himself while walking out to the mound for his first appearance this year.

    1. Travis2:36 PM

      Sorry I'll redact and go with 76 wins as Jason already claimed 77 wins.

    2. Iowa Pirate3:48 PM

      Was this change before or after Rizzo launched one?

    3. Travis4:48 PM

      Before I think, but if Jason wins the venerable Honest Wagner Pirates win pool with 77 wins, we might have to go to the fine print for Terms and Conditions to validate time-stamps on predictions etc. Or Bones-Style Arbitration or something.

  5. 1) 79 wins ... rebuilding year
    2) 75 bunts ... plus 50 sac flies
    3) seaks
    4) Pedro Alvarez belts 5 sac flies ... Clint Barmes breaks right collarbone falling down stairs while carrying bison meat to Travis Snider's house ... Pirates acquire Jorge de la Rosa at the trading deadline ... no one misses the Astros.

    1. Iowa Pirate2:49 PM

      Bison meat, that's funny because it's true.

  6. Iowa Pirate2:48 PM

    Where is Spike? The Hawkeyes and their fans are in NYC. I wanted to see if has driven any of the simpletons around.