Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to Like Tony Sanchez

10. Can catch-and-throw and block wild throws without hockey stick.
9. Can save a few bucks by recycling Freddy and Duaner jerseys.
8. Slugged .425, .517, .614 as freshman, sophomore, junior.
7. Understands losing atmosphere from early BC years.
6. Hit .346/.443/.614 this season (unadjusted for Character).
5. Ready to learn pitch calling (entertaining Sanchez interview).
4. Puts overdrafts in later rounds in whole new context.
2. Give these guys a chance at least. They haven't failed yet.
1. World Series 2011: Gorkys in LCF, Cutch in RCF. 9th player is Glass Doumit, who safely rests inside a protective bubble in foul territory every time the Bucs take the field. Sanchez, tough as nails, catches. For 25 innings straight. Bucs win!

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