Monday, June 22, 2009

That draft

Finally got around to reading Wilbur Miller's analysis of the draft. I've been looking forward to it since draft day. And I look forward to checking back against his analysis as the picks are signed. (Links to his analysis are at bottom of this page.)

As I followed the early news of the draft, I remembered writing this post some time ago in the foggy past. Very rarely do I read in the Honest Wagner archives. It is always embarrassing to re-read portions of your baseball fan diary when you are a Pirates fan. Over the last 16 years at least. The Pirates really have to do something to fix that, btw. It takes some 90-minute courage, which I happen to have in abundance this afternoon.

I haven't seen any comparison of the Pirates' 2009 draft with what the Tigers were doing in 2007. Did I miss something?

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