Thursday, July 31, 2008

Afternoon of July 31st

Trade deadline in 90 minutes.

Here are some links to jam on:

Dejan Kovacevic's PBC Blog. Kovacevic, the beat writer for the Post-Gazette, has much better access and information than most. Unfortunately, the Post-Gazette was not prepared to handle a high level of traffic this afternoon, so it often stalls out and does not load right now.

Jim Furtado's last-minute trade news thread. Baseball Primer is a gang forum with hundreds of outstanding posters who are fans of all the big-league teams. If someone delivers a scoop on the ratio or on TV, a Primate will probably share this here. You will also get a mixture of mainly amusing and very good analysis from a group of people who are, on the whole, unusually well-informed.

Ken Rosenthal's blog for Fox Sports always delivers some inside dope.

Jayson Stark reports trade deadline news here for ESPN.

Will Carroll might have news on the Baseball Prospectus Unfiltered blog.

A Pirates-fan-only version of Primer is the forum. Look for the most recent posts in the "OnlyBucs Fan Forum" -- the threads are sorted by most recent post, which you will see if you peruse the right column of the fan forum's home page.

You might also check the comments to this post, if haloscan holds up and can deliver them on this, a very busy day (I imagine) for haloscan-powered blogs.

Enjoy the day. I expect little to no trading to happen this afternoon, so I will kick back, put my boots on the table, savor a beer or two, and listen to the bugs hum.

No game tonight. Karstens will get a chance to go all Drabek on the Cubs tomorrow at two.

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