Sunday, May 20, 2007

Game 43: D'backs at Pirates

The Pirates dodged a bullet when they won the game that Armas started earlier in the week. But they fried out the long reliever winning that game. So it was Marty McLeary to face Tony Clark with the lead. Dejan Kovacevic explains.

The team was stubborn with Armas. When you make shitty personnel decisions, they have a ripple effect. If the team wants to win games, they have to win games now. Not later. No amount of losing today will increase the winning later. If they want to win games now, they have to play the most competent players. This means scrapping the "plan" when necessary. Armas, a $3M part of the offseason plan, was failing us well before this week. He had no business getting that last start.

On the other hand, by the same reasoning, I have to give Tracy credit for benching Chris Duffy.

I'd like to see Armas and McLeary starting at AAA. Bring up two of the better AAA starters and work them in long relief. If they can't pitch effectively in long relief, then they are primadonnas. You can't hide bad pitchers on a winning ballclub.

Randy Johnson and Paul Maholm at 1:30.

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