Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Game 13: Pirates at Brewers

For the first half of the long streak of losing seasons, the Pirates owned the Brewers. No matter how bad the Pirates were, they could still beat up on the Brewers. That's how I remember it. Don't correct me if I'm wrong.

Then everything went to hell and now the Brewers are good.

It stirs up powerful contradictory feelings. On one hand, they are the Brewers and I respect that. And for a long time I liked playing the Brewers; playing them was a holiday from the torturous monotony of losing series after series.

On the other hand, I hate the f'n Brewers and their wealth of outfielders and prospects and Ben Sheets and their Bill Hall.

I forget who's pitching tonight, but I believe it is a battle of back halves of rotations. Paul Maholm and . . . (looking it up) Claudio Vargas. Starting soon.

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