Saturday, February 17, 2007

Lincoln, Gerut, and Herrera

Two spring training notebooks from Dejan Kovacevic today. One deals with Lincoln and Walker. On Lincoln's elbow :

"All that is known is that there is a strained muscle in the forearm which might or might not be a sign of underlying ligament damage."
A more specific diagnosis than "irritation in the elbow" as initially described, one that could either be devastating or no big deal.

The other reports that Jody Gerut:

"...took the field once with a trainer but left soon thereafter."
Being accompanied by a trainer while simply taking the field can't be a good sign. I'm assuming Gerut jogged out (with trainer watching/spotting him), rather than Gerut being carried or wheeled out by trainer. Regardless, get well, Jody - we could use your LH bat.

The best news from today seems to be this, from this same notebook:

"Herrera was throwing a combination curve-slider that had observers buzzing."

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