Wednesday, August 09, 2006

29 more days

til Steelers season starts. Meanwhile on the 14 year losing front, Rowdy has been consumed the last few days by his advanced metrics that make minor adjustments to the 2006 Bucs' actual W-L record. All I've got is links:

Chatty DK implies that Duffy will continue to leadoff for awhile.

Tracy justifies his complacency with losing and not arguing an obvious non-homer with the old "that's not what beat us." Jim diverts attention from his own inaction by praising Maholm for rectifying.

Billy of Romo Phone Home aptly mocks the recent Tracy quotes.

Best Pirates news of the day is that JVB is back, and had a no-hitter through 5 2/3rds in his GCL return. JVB will move up to start Monday for AA Altoona at Connecticut.

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