Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Selig lies through teeth

Perrotto reports on Bud Selig vigorously defending the Nuttings:

"There is an accounting for every revenue-sharing dollar and I can honestly say I've never had a club who pays into revenue sharing question where their money is going," Selig said. "We would never allow a club not to use the money to make their team better. That's not happening and it is not happening."
Wow. In sentence one, Selig uses DL tactic of diverting attention with meaningless garble. Just because teams that pay don't question how the money is spent doesn't mean that the Bucs spend all of their revenue sharing money on making the Bucs better (which they obviously don't). In sentence two, Selig employs the Tracy tactic of creating confusion with the double negative. In sentence three, Selig displays the Nutting tactic of outrageous redundant lying with minimal information content.

Is Selig a "scared little man ... cowering to pressure?" Either way, so much for my hope of Selig and MLB wresting control of the Bucs out of the Nuttings' evil, greedy vise-grip. That leaves civil charges (punitive damages), criminal charges, and Senate investigation.

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