Wednesday, May 03, 2006


In light of details such as those leading the Q & A, is it possible that our players are throwing these games as part of a league-wide conspiracy to force the owners to sell?

Contrary to the opinion of Bones, I don't believe our players are that much less talented than those on most of the other teams around the league. Yet they have an abysmally low winning percentage. Bad luck alone cannot explain this. It's as if they are shaving points.

Anyone else suspect some player anger with our owners has more than a little to do with their embarrassing performance on the field?

I'm not saying I am convinced this is the case. Far from it. But I do wonder if there wasn't something funny going on in the locker room during the first few weeks of April.

...forgot to mention the other data points that made me suspect the players were out to embarrass the owners: Ty Wigginton and Chris Shelton.

Maybe I just have to come over to the side that says our players are that much worse and ungifted genetically.

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