Friday, December 17, 2004

Honest Wagner NFL pick 'em: week 15

pt -10.5 NYG ..pit ..pit ..pit
was -4.5 SNF .was* .was* .was*
car 03.5 ATL ..ATL .car*
hou 00.5 CHI ..CHI ..CHI .hou*
buf 00.5 CIN .buf* ..buf ..buf
snd -9.5 CLE ..snd ..snd ..snd
min -2.5 DET ..DET .min* ..DET
jax 03.5 GNB ..GNB ..GNB ..jax
sea 05.5 NYJ ..NYJ .NYJ* ..sea
dal 12.5 PHL ..PHL .dal* ..dal
stl -1.5 ARZ ..stl ..ARZ .ARZ*
nwo 07.5 TAB ..nwo .nwo* ..TAB
den 01.5 KSC ..KSC ..KSC .KSC*
ten 02.5 OAK ..OAK ..OAK .ten*
bal 07.5 IND .bal* ..bal ..bal
nwe -9.5 MIA ..MIA ..nwe .nwe*
Asterisks indicate best bets.

Season to date:
Bones 113-095 .543
Scoop 111-097 .534
Rowdy 103-106 .495

Consensus 39-29 .574

Best bets
Scoop 27-19 .587
Bones 38-27 .585
Rowdy 38-33 .535

Rowdy: Just combed the archives and counted up our consensus picks. Not bad at all. Before anyone gets a second mortgage to gamble on our consensus picks this week, consider that they've been right only five of the last fifteen times. In other words, they are running downhill from a .641 peak. That's probably my fault. My picks have sucked the last two weeks as I've been picking on fumes and whimsy. Never blow off your weekly reading if you hope to compete with the likes of Bones and Scoop.

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